Welcome to the BIG 25 Berlin on 14th May 2017!



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25 km men / women
Half Marathon men / women
10 km men / women
5x5 km relay
2 km Kid`s Run


Details about the course including the course map can be found here. Each kilometre of the route is clearly signposted. Half marathon runners turn at kilometer 8 to Bellevueallee and come back to the 25k route at kilometer 12. For 25k runners at kilometer 21 there will be time measurement and a clock to see the reached split time. This split time will be published also in the results after the race.

Refreshment stations providing water are arranged at 5, 10, 15 and 20 kilometres. These are 100 to 150 metres long with plenty of space for everyone – please choose an empty table to avoid queuing. Please throw the empty cups into the nets on the side of the road.

Toilets are positioned at kilometres 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25.

If you need medical assistance, please, if possible, try to reach the next refreshment point, where qualified assistance will be available.

The time limit to accomplish the race for the 25 km is 3h 15min and for the 10 km 1h 30min. Anyone not reaching 12,5 km within 95 min after the start is kindly asked to retire from the race. These runners will be brought back to the Olympic Stadium by bus.


We advise the use of public transport for your arrival at the Olympic stadium because parking spots are limited.

From the city you reach the Olympic Stadium by

  • Underground, U2 direction Ruhleben – 5 minutes to walk to Olympischer Platz
  • S-Bahn, S 5 direction Spandau – 5 minutes to walk to Olympischer Platz

Due to changed safety regulations, bag searches will be conducted at the entrances to Olympischer Platz. Please bring only the distributed clothing bags.

Be aware of potential waiting lines at the entrances due to bag controls and plan some more time for your travel and arrival at Olympischer Platz!

The following items are not allowed at the event premises:

forbidden items at Olympischer Platz


Event shirts can be ordered with your registration for EUR 20.00 and will be handed out at race documents collection. With the sticker on your race documents you will get the shirt at our merchandise tent.

If you are already registered you can order the shirt in our shop. These shirts will also be handed out at race package pickup or send to you after the event.

In addition, event shirts will be for sale at the start area next to the East Gate (Osttor) while stocks last.


In the Olympic Stadium, 200m before crossing the finish line, there will be a donation gate of The UN Refugee Agency. Please note that each runner running through this gate, will automatically donate EUR 5,- for refugee aid.

After crossing the finish line each participant receives their finisher medal. The last runner of a relay receives the medals for the whole team. Upon request you can receive medal engravings forEUR 8,- each. The handout station is signposted and is placed at the east gate of the Olympic Stadium.
The rental chip must be returned on event day, 14th May 2016, until 3 p.m. at the help desk or at any clothing bag tent. If the runner keeps the rental chip they are deemed to have purchased the chip and will subsequently be charged with EUIR 25,-.

To avoid disturbances of runners behind you please leave the finish area quickly over the designated paths through the audience area. After finish catering (apples, water, tea and alcoholic beer) is available at the upper stadium circuit close to the marathon stairs.
Please keep an eye on your personal belongings (including your chip).

Showers, toilets, and dressing rooms are available at the premises of the Olympic Stadium. You can also make use of massages provided by physiotherapist of centrovital Spandau.

Kid's Run


Olympischer Platz in front of the Olympic Stadium


in the Olympic Stadium

Starting shot

about 10.10 am (following the main start)


about 2.5km

After crossing the finishing line every child receives a medal that can be engraved with their name for EUR 4.00. Engraving can be booked with the online registration or right at the engraving tent.

Qualified to participate are children born between 2012 and 2005.

Late Registration and Entry Changes

Late and re-registrations are possible – as long as race entries are still available - on 13th  and 14th  May on the premises of the race document pick up, as well as on event day until 9 a.m. Entry changes are possible for a EUR 3,-  fee: participant change and distance change. When changingto a longer distance, the price difference will be charged additionally.

Charges for late registration:

25 km and half marathon 45.00 EUR
10 km 30.00 EUR
5x5 km relay 80.00 EUR

Medal Engraving

For a small fee (EUR 8.00), you can have your medal engraved with your name and result at the appropriately signposted stand. You can preorder the engraving when registering for the race or decide spontaneously on race day (only cash payments possible).

Medical Assistance

Medical staff is available along the course as well as next to the starting and finishing area.

If you need medical assistance please inform – if possible – the nearest refreshment spot. There are paramedics at your disposal. To allow for an optimal treatment  in cases of emergency please list the following information on the back of you bib number: given name, surname, age, known illnesses, emergency contact (phone number), blood type, possibly family doctor.


Golazo Sports GmbH on behalf of LAC Olympia 88 Berlin e.V.

Golazo Sports GmbH
Maxdorfer Steig 7
10713 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)30 243 199 0

Personalised BIB Number

For a charge of EUR 3.00 you can choose your personal BIB number from the following ranges:

Distance Numbers
Halbmarathon 13000 - 18999
25km 1000 - 7999
10km 8000 - 12999
5x5km - Staffel 100 - 499


JetlineActionPhotoYou can find your race pictures from the BIG 25 Berlin - shot by our partner Jetline Action Photo - approximately 1 week after the race here.

Race Date

14th of May 2017
Starting time: 10.00 am

Race Documents

Location Karstadt Berlin Am Neuen Kranzler Eck Sporthaus
Joachimstaler Straße 5-6, 10623 Berlin
Dates 12th May from 2pm to 8pm*
13th May from 10am to 6pm*

We recommend the use of public transport:

By S-Bahn: S5, S7 to Zoologischer Garten – 5 minutes walk to Karstadt
By Underground: U2 or U9 to Zoologischer Garten – 5 minutes walk to Karstadt

Race numbers will be issued only upon presentation of your event ticket! You will receive a second e-mail 10 days before the event. With this e-mail, the event ticket, we will tell you your bib number!      

Each participant will be given a clothes bag for safekeeping their clothes and personal items at the start-/finish area. Event-shirts, ordered in advance, can be collected at the merchandise tent. In addition there is the possibility to buy an event-shirt for EUR 20.00 while stocks last. 

When collecting your race documents, you also have the chance to register any children for the 2 km Kids’ Run (late registration fee EUR 5.00) and to book the individual engraving of your finisher medal (EUR 8.00 for adults / EUR 4.00 for kids).

*Subject to changes


You can register for the BIG 25 Berlin online until 10th May or via our paper entry form until 4th May 2017.

Registration fee
An overview of the registration fees for the BIG 25 Berlin 2017 can be found here.

Registration Deadline

Post or fax    4th May 2016
Online: 10th May 2016

All participants registered until May 4th will receive a personalised BIB with their name and starting block according to the provided target time. Runners registering later than May 4th will not get a personalized BIB and will be allocated automatically to starting block 4.

Registration Fee

For an overview of the registration fees please click here.


The first runner will be allocated to the starting block according to the given target time of the team as shown on the BIB. In case the team did not register a time, starting block 4 will be allocated automatically.

Each runner is individually responsible for getting to his/her hand-over zone which are all next to a metro station. The BIB allows to use the public transportation on race day for free and is valid in zones A + B.

Start U Olympiastadion (line U2)
5k U Deutsche Oper (line U2)
10k U Unter den Linden (line S1)
15k U Wittenbergplatz (line U2)
20k U Kaiserdamm (line U2)

This is to ensure that every relay runner can get to his/her starting point as well as to the Olympic Stadium after their run.

Toilets will be allocated close to the refreshment stations next to the hand-over zones. 

Passing item is an ankle band, that is to be worn on the foot. The band is to be passed to the next runner within the hand-over zones. The Championship is placed at the ankle band in order to determine the effective running time of the team.

After crossing the finish line, rented chips and ankle bands will be collected at the clothing storage.

Clothing storage

Each participant receives a clothing bag which should be marked in the appropriate field with your starting number and with your team position (1 to 5). Please ensure that the number on the clothing bag corresponds exactly to the number on your BIB.
Transport of the clothing bags will be provided by the organisers. There will be labelled cars that drive from your starting point to the next hand-over zone (the end of your stretch). Please drop off your clothing bag (that has to be marked with the number that corresponds to the number on your BIB) only to a car which is marked with the number of your position in the team. At the end of your stretch you can reclaim the clothing bag and return to the Olympic Stadium by public transport. - Please consider the departure times of the cars.





(Olympischer Platz)

Vehicle 1 – form start to 1. change point

09:45 a.m.

1. change point

(KM 5 – Schiller Theater)

Vehicle 2 – from 1. to 2. change point

10:10 a.m.

2. change point

(KM 10 – Glinkastraße)

Vehicle 3 – from 2. to 3. change point

10:20 a.m.

3. change point

(KM 15 – Wittenbergplatz)

Vehicle 4a – from 3. to 4. change point

Vehicle 4b – from 3. to 4. change point

10:30 a.m.

11:10 a.m.

4. change point

(KM 20 – Lietzensee)

Vehicle 5a – from 4. change point to finish

Vehicle 5b – from 4. change point to finish

10:45 a.m.

10:45 a.m.

Please ensure that you wear the BIB on race-day and that it is in no way altered or tampered with. A transfer or exchange of numbers after the team has been confirmed is not permitted. 

Results and Certificates

Results and certificates are available on our website approximately 2 hours after the event.

Please note that we do not send out certificates via mail.


25 km, half marathon, 10 km and 5x5km relay will start together on the Olympischer Platz at 10 am!

Please arrive in good time at the start and use public transport as there are only limited parking spaces available. The Olympic Stadium is open from 8 am; entry is possible via the Osttor (East gate with the Olympic rings).

The starting area is divided into starting blocks B1 to B4 by fences. The earliest enty is 9am. Zones are allocated according to the runners’ personal bests as  shown on the BIB. Race officials will control the entry to the zones. The BIB is not transferable and is to be worn clearly visible on the chest. It is not to be tampered in any way.

Around the starting area there will be toilets and showers as well as places for dropping off your clothes bag. The clothes bag should be marked with the label that is attached to your race bib. 
The organisers assume no liability for lost or damaged clothes or bags.


Timekeeping is obligatory for all distances (except for Kid’s run) using the Champion-Chip only. You can either use your own chip, rent (EUR 6,-) or buy (EUR 31,-) it with your registration. The chip must be worn on your shoes, otherwise timekeeping cannot be guaranteed. Distribution of rented chips takes place along with the race documentation – these chips are to be returned behind the finishing line within 2 hours after finishing the race at the appropriately signposted stands. Those who choose to keep their chips will be deemed to have bought them and charged EUR 25,- by direct debit.

Runners using their own chips are asked to check if the correct chip number has been registered at the race documents collection.

TIMEKEEPING RELAY: Individual times will not be taken; only the total time of each team. The Champion Chip has to be passed from runner to runner. Therefore ankle bands, where the chip can be placed, will be handed out with the race documents. The first runner will be allocated to the starting block according the target time given in the registration.

Walker / Skater / Buggies

Please note that walking sticks, inlineskates, bicycles and buggies are not allowed on the course! Participants may be disqualified from the race if using any of the aforementioned items.

*Last update 21.07.2016. Changes reserved!